As your Representative, Steve Huebert has proven he can be trusted to stand up for Kansas kids. As a father and grandfather, nothing is more important to Steve Huebert than a strong education. In the Kansas House, Steve has fought to properly fund our schools while working to direct more of education tax dollars into the classroom.

While a good start, Steve won’t be satisfied by simply increasing funding.

Steve will continue to work to improve our children’s education with great teachers, smaller class sizes, parental involvement and equipping teachers with the tools they need to succeed.

Steve Huebert’s Plan to Improve Kansas Schools

  • Re-work and simplify the school finance formula
  • Direct more money to the classroom and teachers
  • Demand accountability and performance
  • Recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers
  • Empower local school boards and parents
  • Use Kansas’ quality education system to attract new business and higher paying jobs to our state

Steve knows that great schools come about when great people are allowed to develop great ideas on the local level. Giving greater control to ou parents, local school boards and teachers is priority number one with Steve Huebert. He understands how important a quality education is to ensure a successful future for every child.